You'll Never Guess Who Kristin Cavallari Is Rumored to Be Dating

Kristin CavallariLet's face it, Kristin Cavallari practically wrote the book of love. And she definitely lived out every break-up victim's dream when she made her ex-fiance eat his heart out after he called off their engagement. She's been giving hope to broken-hearted single girls everywhere.

Ever since her debut on Dancing With the Stars, Cavallari has made a new name for herself. With her sequined outfits and sexy cha-cha, she's been turning heads like never before. No longer is she known as Jay Cutler's ex-fiance, she's, like, so over that. Or so I thought ...

Shockingly, the reality diva has made the biggest break-up mistake ever and we're starting to realize she might not be as smart in the relationship department as we once thought.


According to a source from People, Kristin and Jay might be giving their relationship a second try.

They're not officially back together but they're definitely talking and figuring things out. They're talking a lot.

Excuse me, WHAT?!

It's one thing to make him grovel as you move on to bigger and better things, but you certainly do NOT give him the chance to talk to you. Let alone talk to you frequently. That's a privilege he gave up when, I don't know, he humiliated you in front of the entire world? What are you thinking, Kristin?

Now, don't get me wrong. I believe in second chances. But I don't believe everybody deserves them. And in this case, Jay certainly doesn't deserve another chance. The guy put a ring on it, threw an engagement party, and then dumped her a week later. Selfish much?

The thing is, second chances have the ability to make you look like a fool. It's a leap of faith that can leave you right where you left off: Heartbroken. Is it really worth that heartache all over again for another try?

Have you ever given a second chance? How did it work out?


Image via trumancapoteisgreat/Flickr

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