Kat Von D Should Have Pulled a 'Sandra Bullock' on Jesse James

kat von d shows jesse james her tattoo of himGet out your Kleenex ... again! Tattoo artist-turned-LA Ink reality star Kat Von D and top contender in the race for Sleaziest Scumbag Cheater of All Time Jesse James are splitsville for the second time. (If you recall, they broke off their engagement back in July, but then last month announced they were back together. Maybe it had something to do with her tattoo of him?) Yeesh -- these two get back together and broken up again so fast, it's enough to make your head spin. Not exactly the stuff of Hollywood fairy tales, eh?

Von D confirmed the rumors on Facebook, writing, "I am not in a relationship. I apologize for all the ‘back and forth’ if it’s caused any confusion." 

Okay, I'm all about her being so forthright about the bust and having some humility about how silly it must sound that they've been so "on-again, off-again." But why is she apologizing? It's her wacko relationship. But I get it ... she must feel pretty foolish. Anyone in her position should.


When you get back together with an ex only to live through a repeat episode of what broke you apart in the first place, it's kind of a no-brainer why. It may sound cheesy, but the book title It's Called a Breakup Because It's Broken makes a lot of sense. Obviously, it was broken to begin with when you fall for someone who is as big a pig as Jesse James. Sandra did it right -- breaking up with him once and for ALL!

One of my close friends has done the "on-again, off-again" thing with a guy for 10 years. They recently called it quits, and their break-up wasn't for the same reasons it may have been in the past, but the thing is ... it didn't work for whatever reason before, and it's not working for whatever reason now. The bottom line might just be that these two aren't compatible. Sure, people change, but it seems rarer that people become more compatible over time. The same problems from the past may not present themselves exactly as they did before, but they'll still be there, cropping up in different, perhaps even deeper ways.

Not to say there aren't success stories of couples who have broken up and gotten back together. But maybe they just needed the time apart -- they weren't actually "broken" to begin with. But if the relationship is so far gone that it truly busted once -- such as in the case of Kat and Jesse -- both partners are probably better off not even bothering to piece it back together.

Are you surprised Kat Von D and Jesse James are off again? How do you feel about getting back together with an ex?


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