Learn From Kate Winslet's Bad Relationship Decisions

I love Kate Winslet for everything that she is in film and everything that she seems to be in interviews. She is down to Earth, humble, smart, and lovely. But then why, with so much going for her, is she such a dope in love? The latest is that Winslet is dating a married man.

Ned Rocknroll is the nephew of billionaire Richard Branson whose home Winslet narrowly escaped last month in a fire. It seems while she was there, she also caught the eye of Rocknroll, which would be great. Except he is still married.

He is "estranged" from his wife, but for a woman with two children to get involved with a man who is still legally married is a bad, bad plan.


The fact is, divorces are messy and, in the end, the wife usually gets what she wants. So unless Winslet is 100 percent sure it's the wife who wants out, this could spell trouble. Really, I gave Kate more credit than this. It's hard to believe she would do this.

When a couple splits up, there is a lot to sort out and it's best left for them to do. Dating a man who is still so attached legally to another person is like asking to get hurt.

Now, obviously, there are different degrees of married and his is pretty close to not being married. Except for that whole pesky paperwork thing. Call me old-fashioned, but I think I would wait to date a guy until it was all legal and above board.

A single mom has no business trying to date someone with so much of his own baggage. She should wait until his divorce is final.

Would you date before your divorce was final?


Image via Maggiejumps/Flickr

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