Eric Clapton Now Providing Entertainment at Weddings?!

eric claptonAwwwww. I'm not the type to cry at weddings, but I have a feeling I would have been quite the teary-eyed guest at the marriage of Ruth Clapton to Dean Bartlett. Ruth Clapton, you're thinking. Any relation to ... ?

Yes! Yes. Ruth Clapton is the 26-year-old daughter of guitar god Eric Clapton, and it's the gift she got from Dear Old Dad on her wedding day that makes me want to sob streams of happy, sappy tears ...

You know how it's a tradition at weddings for the bride and her dad to dance to "Daddy's Little Girl"? Well, this is kind of a much cooler riff on that theme ...


Eric Clapton played his first gig as a wedding singer at Ruth's reception, performing an hour's worth of tunes that millions of other couples pay cover bands to play at their weddings. (Imagine if he did "Wonderful Tonight"!!!)

How sweet is that? And the best part is that as a surprise to her new husband, Ruth got onstage and sang "Use Somebody" by Kings of Leon -- with Eric on backing vocals! (I bet he thought his days playing covers were over decades before Ruth was even born.)

What really gets me about this one is that the press used to call Ruth a "secret love child" because she was the product of an affair Eric had while married to Pattie Boyd (you know, the actual Layla?) and he was kind of going through the alcoholic thing when Ruth was a tot.

But once he got himself together, Clapton became a truly dedicated dad to Ruth ...

... and clearly, he still is.

Would you want your dad to sing at your wedding if he was a rock star?


Image via PedalFreak/Flickr

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