Man Rents Crane to Propose, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

craneThere's a lovestruck guy in eastern China right now that kinda wishes he could turn back time because, after the stunt he pulled, yikes, he's gotta be pretty embarrassed. I feel for Zhu Lei -- he seems like a romantic man with a big heart and a big imagination. It just wasn't his day.

You see Lei just wanted to impress his girlfriend with either an over-the-top proposal or an over-the-top apology (we can't really tell), and he made a huge banner that read "I love you," rented a crane, called the local news to film his grand gesture, and had himself lifted in a metal basket to her sixth-story apartment window.

How could things possibly go wrong?


No no, the crane held up just fine. No one was injured per se, but his ego sure took a bruising.

As Lei ascended, he looked dapper in his gray suit holding a dozen red roses. His heart likely bursting with love, he reached her window and took a deep breath. What happened next was all a blur. Instead of being greeted with tears of joy and a promise of a happily ever after, he was hit square in the face with a wall of water when his girlfriend (or his girlfriend's mom?) threw an entire bucket-full at him.

The roses and Lei were wet and wilted, and the crane lowered the poor guy back to the ground. That ride was probably the longest 20 seconds of his life. You can see in the photos that whoever threw the bucket of water was laughing, which just adds insult to injury. Ouch, dude. Ouch.

But you know? We can all learn a few things from Lei's trauma. 1) If you're going to call in the news to film your crazy proposal, make sure she's going to say "yes." 2) Propose in private, or dress up like carrots -- that seemed to work, too. And 3) cranes are kind of awkward -- should things not go well, the trip down is excruciating.

Stay strong, Lei. Stay strong. Don't let this dampen your spirits. (Get it?!?!)

How badly do you feel for this guy?


Photo via Steve Parker/Flickr

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