News Anchor Says 'Yes' to Shocking On Air Proposal (VIDEO)

on air proposalSouth Dakota local news is a mystery to me. Female anchors wear scarves on the air while sitting behind the news desk and they make the news when there's nothing to report I guess, because that's what happened on Friday night's 10 o'clock show on NBC affiliate station KDLT that's broadcast out of Sioux Falls. Forget the soybean freeze and the windy weekend weather -- there's a marriage proposal to report!

OK. So news anchor Jennifer Hudspeth, Miss Minnesota 2007 if you wanna know, was just going about her job reporting the ... news ... with co-anchor Tom Hanson when old Tommy pulled a switcheroo. Jennifer thought she was introducing a small-town love story about a cute couple, but little did she know she was actually reporting on her own marriage proposal that was just seconds away from happening.


You can see Jennifer's face drop when she realizes that the words on the teleprompter are about her. Tom introduces her boyfriend, Nate Johnson, and Nate takes it away. He pops out from behind the curtain and says he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Aw!

Don't get me wrong, it's sweet and all, but I would absolutely kill my boyfriend and co-workers if they set me up like this -- I'd storm off the set, knocking over the cameras like King Kong does buildings, huffing and puffing 'til I blew a gasket in the parking lot and declared to a lamppost that "no one gets me." But I'm glad Jennifer liked it!

It's really awesome that her work place was so cool with it. I mean, some newsrooms can be really stuffy, filled with people "on deadline," scurrying to report the events from the day. But maybe in South Dakota, the pace is a little more manageable and an on-air proposal fits nicely between the high school sports round-up and the five-day forecast.

If you're wondering if I'm making fun of these people, of course I am. Who does this? But I will say that seeing a stranger's day (or life, even) be made on TV is pretty rad. Jennifer is genuinely surprised and ecstatic. The crew's awkward silence is a little cringe-worthy, but hey! True love conquers all, right?

WATCH the video and enjoy! Cheers to creative proposals (as long as they're not mine).


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