Lookout Lovers! Tis the Season for Breaking Up

Summer lovin' may have been a blast for Danny and Sandy (gawd, am I dating myself?) but what happened once they both headed to Rydell High? It shouldn't have come as much of a shocker that the two weren't together anymore. That's because fall, which starts today in the Northern Hemisphere in places that actually have seasons, is the most make-up or breakup of all the seasons. 

It makes sense. We've just come from the season where we wear less and show more. Where the sun and its Vitamin D make us feel all healthy, glow-y, and happy. We're mourning the end of the time of year when it's easiest to be social and when things around our workplace tend to get lax. After the Summer of Love ends, we turn the Autumn of Leaves. And not just the kind that change colors and fall off the trees. But don't fret. Fall is the best season for breaking up. Here's why:


If any season is a good season to end it all, it's fall. Think of it as the catalyst equinox, the time when you can best choose between commitment or freedom. And it's all about timing. It's better to break up now (if indeed a break up is coming), in fall, then around the holidays, when being only can be a major downer. If you break up now, you'll have a spring in your step in a season or two. Besides, you can always find a rebound cuddler for your winter blues.

Really. Wedding season is over and that means you don't need to worry about being the only single girl at the party. Bikinis are out, as in "not in" anymore, so it's okay to get a little lazy. Vacation is done, school has started and there will be less sunlight for the coming months. And before the big chill of winter (and holidays) when you won't want to be alone again, fall gives us a chance to admire the leaves and admire ourselves for leaving something we know isn't right.

Do you think falls the best season to break up? 

Image via her wings/Flickr

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