Musician Moby Makes a Great Point About Porn

mobyMusician, DJ, and photographer Moby might be known for his ethereal electronic techno tracks or maybe even for his own brand of iced tea, teany, but sounds like he could make a name for himself in porn. He recently told Bizarre magazine, "I’ve never understood why porn made for men often stars studly guys with enormous, you know? Surely that’s intimidating to most guys watching? My porn flick would exclusively feature men with normal-to-titchy-sized penises in order to make viewers feel better." (Titchy means tiny in British slang, by the way.)

Now, I'm not saying I feel all that awful for men, who have had the entire porn industry built on their preferences pretty much since the dawn of time. Or that they deserve extra sympathy, being that women have, at least since the '90s, had to look at "porn made for men" and see hairless waifs with breast implants who look nothing like 99.9 percent of us. But on the other hand, I definitely get what Moby's saying.


It's a disservice to both men and women for either gender to be portrayed unrealistically in porn. Sure, most of us adults know better than to expect our partners to look like Jenna Jameson or err, I dunno, Peter North? But there's still something about it that probably messes with our subconscious. Even if has nothing to do with the opposite sex, and everything to do with how porn makes us see ourselves. Like how it's so easy to assume from women in porn that we should all get monthly Brazilian waxes to please our guy. And I know there's  a lot of truth to Moby's assertion that porn makes men feel insecure about their penis sizes. Ugh, what a bummer! Insecure and inadequate is pretty much the last thing you want a sexy movie to make you feel.

So I'm totally down with Moby's ambition to make a porn that makes viewers feel better. It should make us feel great! That's the point of it after all, right? Total fantasy stereotypes are all well and good, and yeah, there's a time and place for them. But It's about time there was porn that portrayed more of us as we really are. Seems to me plenty of people could be just as ... or even more turned on by reality.

Do you think porn makes men and women feel bad about themselves? What do you think about the kind of porn flicks Moby says he'd make?


Image via S. Diddy/Flickr

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