Groom Dies in Tragic Crash Hours After Getting Married

wedding cakeAmber Sartori, 22, and Nicholas Hoag, 25, were married in Connecticut this past Saturday after dating for five years. I imagine, as most people's weddings are, it was the happiest moment in both of their young lives. Their life together was beginning, they were just showered with love from family and friends, and they were certain they had a partner to get through anything with. Unfortunately, their love story was cut short -- really short -- when Hoag died in an ATV accident a few hours after the reception.

Nicholas was riding as a passenger while his brother, Christopher, drove the utility terrain vehicle. The boys struck a tree and the ATV overturned, pinning Nicholas underneath. He died a short while later. As you might guess, Amber is utterly and completely devastated.


The father of the bride said, "It's like a living nightmare. She's with us and she's not going anywhere until she's ready. She's surrounded by friends and family."

Tragically, though not surprisingly, alcohol was involved in the incident. In fact, Nicholas' brother is actually being charged with driving while intoxicated, and further charges are pending. Now, I totally get that everybody drinks at weddings -- Lord knows I did at mine -- but the thing that kinda rubs me the wrong way is that this is what Nicholas was doing after the event -- drinking and hanging out with his brother instead of spending time with his brand new wife. It's unsettling, to say the least. But it doesn't make the story any less heartbreaking.

A wedding is supposed to be the one day in your life where everything should go your way, and you should experience nothing but joy and happiness. Having to deal with death on that day -- and not just any death, the death of your husband -- is unfathomable. Amber's wedding went from one of the happiest moments in her life to one of the saddest in the blink of an eye.

She's got a long, tough road ahead of her, but I hope somehow she manages to get through this. Sounds like she has a wonderful family, so hopefully they'll help as much as they can. But, really, what can one even say about this? Awful.

How sad is this?


Image via stevebrownd50/Flickr

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