Dating App Creators Assume Women Hook Up Like Guys

blendr appThe developers behind Grindr, the premier "mobile dating" (aka hook-up) app for gay guys, are taking a gamble on single, straight chicks. They claim their new app, Blendr, which could be described as Foursquare meets, is going to help a wider group of people -- aka straight men and women -- find "friends" with "common interests" in their "immediate surroundings." But come on, let's be real -- that's not what people are going to use it for! At least, that's not what straight guys are going to want to use it for.

I'm sure that ever since Grindr hit the scene two years ago, straight guys thought to themselves, "Man! If only we could have an app to help us find hot, available women via GPS!" So, it is pretty smart on the developers' part to appeal to that demographic. But are women actually going to "play along"? Uh, I vote NO. 


Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying women aren't as interested in hooking up, casual sex, no strings attached flings, etc. as guys. But I think most of us would hesitate to let strangers know not only our general whereabouts (like they do anyway if we make "check-ins" on Foursquare, Twitter, or Facebook public), but also give 'em access to an entire online dating profile, complete with personality quirks and interests. Sooo they can try to hit on us or hook up with us when they're within walking distance from us. Can you say creepy?! As much as the developers tried to consider what women would want in a mobile dating app, and incorporated enhanced privacy and safety features, Blendr still doesn't feel like something women will really be able to get into.

When it comes to online dating, I'd venture to guess most women prefer to keep guys at an arm's length initially. There are just so many of them vs. us, and it can be difficult to weed out the freaks, geeks, jerks, and yes, even potentially dangerous ones. When I was heavily immersed in the world of Match and JDate, I would always chat, then maybe email, then if he sounded normal, move to a phone call, before planning a date. That's just about the same pace most women seem comfortable with. Of course, meeting face-to-face in a bar is a totally different story, but this Blendr thing is a weird hybrid of the two that feels ... well, intimidating. It's just too in-your-face.

But hey, I could be wrong. The Samantha Joneses of the world out there might love this, because the few women who DO get into it will be able to bring all the boys to their yard faster than they could order delivery pizza!

Would you use Blendr?


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