David Hasselhoff's Lame Marriage Proposals Warrant a 'No'

david hasselhoffDavid Hasselhoff, star of a drunken home video featuring him devouring a cheeseburger on the floor Baywatch and Knight Rider, is having a little trouble in the love department. He and girlfriend Hayley Roberts met back in February when she asked for his autograph, and the two have been a couple ever since. Hasselhoff, 59, is ready to make it official, but according to his Twitter page, Hayley, 31, is having none of it. She's turned him down twice -- once when he proposed on a cliff in South Africa and another time while they were in a dressing room. How romantic.

David has been hasselhoffing his girlfriend into marrying him and going about it all wrong. No wonder she's been saying, "Thanks, but no thanks."


First of all, a proposal is supposed to be heartfelt and genuine. And private. The Hoff has been tweeting like mad about his proposal drama, asking his followers to let him know where he should propose next. If that's not a turn-off, I don't know what is.

And it's not like Hayley and David have had a blissful seven months of dating -- when the couple was in Vegas back in July to celebrate David's birthday, hotel security was called after the two were fighting in their room. Since then, they've been spotted looking for houses in Wales, where Hayley is from, and have been on good terms. This weird string of proposals isn't helping things though, because once a woman smells desperation on a dude, that terrible scent is hard to get rid of.

If David is really that clueless as to how to propose, and if he's really indeed looking for advice, then David? Wait six months. Try again in a special yet private location. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, just a place that means something to her -- let her know you were thinking about her when you chose the spot, and not your Twitter followers. Say a few words on why you want to get married. Mean them. Then don't tweet them. In fact, don't tweet for a few days after your proposal. Keep it private -- show Hayley she means more to you than your celebrity.

If that doesn't work, throw on the red swim trunks and beg.

What would you think if your boyfriend kept proposing to you?


Photo via Hod Rod Homepage/Flickr

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