Video That 'Proves' Women Objectify Men Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

cosmo guysWhen I hear the phrase "crotch shot," I think of a poor dude getting a baseball to the nuts. Oof. That hurts. But a team of geniuses over at Cosmo for Guys (mmhmm! that exists) thinks a "crotch shot" is when a man catches a woman checking out his package. To prove that women do this, a Cosmo Guy strapped a hidden camera on to his glasses, his bicep, his junk, and his butt and walked around New York City for a day to prove that girls, what? Sexualize men as much as they do women? Stare too long at their hot body parts? I don't think so.

You have to hand it to these guys for trying though -- their video is freaking hilarious.


Monthly e-magazine Cosmo for Guys is supposed to be for men what Cosmo is for girls, by the way, but I don't really see it. Are men interested in a video that shows a guy traipsing around Manhattan, asking women for directions, and catching them on film glancing ever so briefly at their biceps or butt? Maybe I'm out of tune with the modern man, but I highly doubt they're clamoring to watch this dude with cameras strapped to his body ask unsuspecting women for directions.

Because that's what happens in the video. They do catch some females taking a quick look or two at their bicep or their butt, but it's hardly anything to get excited about. Most of the glances are so fleeting (one girl's eyes look closed!) that it's debatable whether or not these girls are actually checking the guy out.

And by the way, dudes. This is in no way comparable to the way some of you creepers stare at our boobs the entire subway ride, or in a meeting, or while we're ordering food, or when we're jogging, or walking, or talking on the phone, or waiting in line ... you get the picture. And trust, if someone steals a look at your crotch, it's probably because you've got food particles stuck down there, or some weird stain. K? Thanks.

WATCH the video and tell me what you think below!

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