Brad Pitt Sets Bad Example for 'Bored' Married People Everywhere

jennifer aniston brad pitt red carpet 2004Brad Pitt may very well be suffering right now from his career's ultimate foot-in-mouth moment, and I'm not sure we're all ready to just forgive him for "missing his sensitivity chip." If you missed it, he let down his usual slightly aloof guard and mouthed off to Parade about Jen Aniston, saying that "pretending [their] marriage was something that it wasn't" contributed to an un-interesting life. We responded by wondering when generally sweet, smart, reserved Brad Pitt was replaced with this douchebaggy ex-husband?

He has since attempted to set the record straight by explaining that the point he was "trying to make is not that Jen was dull," but that he was becoming dull to himself. (Wah, oh PLEASE!) And he claims responsibility for that. But something about this still shouldn't sit well with Jen or anyone who has ever been dumped for that matter.


Boredom seems to be the go-to excuse lately as to why marriages end in divorce. It's like we're so ADD from constant stimulation -- no thanks to our smartphones, Internet, reality TV -- that we think our marriages are supposed to be Vegas plus the NYC Fourth of July fireworks display and the hottest porno we've ever watched, all rolled into one. And when it doesn't end up meeting that expectation, we're "bored," and we call it quits. Ugh. It's pathetic!

And that's exactly what Brad's excuse is, too. In no uncertain terms, whether or not that's what he meant, it sounded like he called Jen -- or at least his relationship with Jen, which, come on, Brad, let's be honest, is basically the same thing!! -- the culprit of his dull life. Like the lifestyle and the media circus around them that they shared were FORCING him to be a boring pothead "hiding out" and "pretending." Sigh.

But if Brad had taken it upon himself to say, "Hey, I feel like traveling more!" or "Hey, let's adopt kids from all over the world!" I'm sure he coulda worked that out with Jen. Furthermore, as one-half of a married couple, you're supposed to speak up when you're feeling unsatisfied or like something's "off" or you want to spice things up. It's your JOB as a spouse to be proactive and turn things around as a team. Hell-o, that's what a lifelong partnership is all about!

But it seems like Brad could only do that with Ms. Nutso Nonstop Action Angie. Somehow he wasn't "dull to himself" with her? I don't get it. Seems more like he lets the woman he's with dictate who he is, and what his life is like, and that's just not healthy. (Interestingly, that has seemed to be Brad's pattern for a while. Remember when he and GOOP-y Gwynnie rocked the same hairdo?)

The bottom line: Your bliss or boredom can't hinge on your connection with another person. Brad talks like he understands this, but given his actions, I'm not so sure he truly does.

Do you get what Brad's saying? Have you ever experienced what Brad's talking about and felt "dull" to yourself in one relationship, but not in another?

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