IKEA Builds Daycare for Men So You Can Shop in Peace

ikea flagsAt last, a major retail chain is admitting what we women have known all along! No, this has nothing to do with skinny mirrors. It does, however, have everything to do with what whiny pains in the arses our men can be when we take them shopping.

Leave it to those crazy efficient Swedes to figure out a plan like this one. IKEA is currently testing out its very first Mänland, which is basically exactly like the padded playroom you dump your kids in while you look for bookshelves named after relatives of Alexander Skarsgard, except it's a playroom for men. Grown-up men.

Are you seeing the significance here? It's as if IKEA, a venerable and trustworthy company (hey, you sit on their couches and sleep on their beds, don't you), has come right out and said: "Yes. It's true. Men are exactly like children."


Indeed. So why not let them play video games while we wander around with one of those frighteningly enormous plastic bags? (They're so big I feel like serial killers must use them to hide bodies.)

Of course, part of me does rise up in protest at the idea of the big boys getting to hang out and relax while we do all the work. But I guess as long as they emerge from their man cave of distractions in time to do the heavy lifting, it would be okay.

I mean, I'd like to think that it's possible for a couple to make it through a trip to IKEA in perfect harmony. But isn't that just a myth? Have you ever seen a couple walking through the office furniture department that didn't look like they wanted to grab the nearest FLEBBINGË and beat each other over the heads with it?

Hey, whatever works. If you really want to make IKEA a bonding experience, why not just share a romantic platter of tiny meatballs after you load up the car? Then you can feed each other Swedish Fish from one of those bazillion-ounce bags on the way home.

What do you think about IKEA's Mänland?


Image via John Pastor/Flickr

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