The Surprising Thing Women Find Irresistible in Men

I have never been a Barry White fan, but I am apparently alone in my disdain for the dude with the deepest singing voice in the world. In fact, a recent study proves that women remember -- and want to mate with -- men who have deep voices. And even though poor White is not my cup of tea, I am also drawn to a manly man with a purringly low register.

Ladies who love Darth Vader, can I get a whoo-hoo?! Seriously I can't be the only one who was kind of into the Star Wars villain with his sexy cape, mysterious past, and deep voice (thanks to James Earl Jones). There is nothing wrong with liking masculinity and a deep voice is just one part.

Others include facial hair, height, broad shoulders, and big hands and feet. You know what they say about men with big feet, after all?


Women think they're hot! Seriously, there is something about a guy who is a guy. A manly man does something to the soul and is deeply sexy, like his voice.

All these qualities remind us of how masculine they are, just like men are often drawn to feminine, high-pitched voices, larger breasts, small waists, and long hair. It makes biological sense, no?

A voice can often make or break a man. Think of Kasey Kahl from Bachelor Pad. The poor guy has a speech impediment, but his voice, as a result, is something that is mocked mercilessly on the blogs and on the show. He can't help it. But it's not sexy. Not in the way George Clooney's deep voice is for the rest of us.

The things a man says can drive us wild, and when he does it with a deep voice, it's even better.

Do you like a deep voice?

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