Sale of James Dean's Love Letters Says a Lot About His Ex

love letterWhen James Dean tragically passed away at the young age of 24, he didn't only leave behind an incredible legacy in Hollywood and tons of heartbroken fans. Turns out he had written quite a few romantic love letters, too, to his girlfriend of two years, Barbara Glenn. The private letters, which were most recently in the possession of Glenn's family archive, are currently up for auction and have never been sold before. Some lucky winning bidder will soon get to own the three letters, which seem like they'll shed quite a bit of light on Dean's personal life!

Interestingly, James and Barbara had an on-and-off kind of relationship, and had been off for good when he died. Still, she held onto the letters for all this time.

Kind of makes me think of how we usually think of it as unhealthy to hold onto remnants of old relationships. Maybe that's not always the case.


Sure, these are somewhat unique circumstances, in which the ex-bf was a world-famous actor! But still ... maybe Glenn realized what a lot of us tend to dismiss in the initial aftermath of a breakup: Sometimes there's merit to holding onto memories of an old flame. Maybe those things -- especially something like a love letter that serves as sort of a time capsule to a particular moment in your life -- can end up being emotional artifacts, offering clues to a bond you once shared.

It's not always the worst thing to have something like this in case you ever decide you'd like to take a walk down memory lane. And it doesn't always have to be a painful thing to revisit an old relationship. You could realize what it taught you, who you were then vs. who you are now, and how you've grown.

Maybe that's what Glenn was thinking when she held onto James Dean's love letters. Or maybe she realized that some day they'd be worth something. Either way, these love letters will certainly serve as an amazing mirror into the movie legend's past ... and his once love's. 

Do you think it's unhealthy to hold onto any remnants of an old relationship?

Image via Romtomtom/Flickr

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