Courteney Cox Warns Jennifer Aniston About Her Boyfriend

jennifer aniston and courtney coxIt seems like Jennifer Aniston and boyfriend Justin Theroux are going strong. They've been spotted wearing gold bands on their ring fingers, shopping for a house together, and vacationing as a couple in Hawaii. I'm thrilled about it -- I want Jen to be happy, so sue me -- but apparently Courteney Cox is not so wild about Justin. She kinda thinks he's a bad egg, that he's just trying to further his career in Hollywood by attaching his name with Jen's.

Well, that's not good, now is it. If your best friend doesn't approve of your boyfriend, would it sway you one way or another?


It would for me. If my besties confronted me with legit reasons why my boyfriend is a dud, then I think I'd have no choice but to open my ears and listen. I'd probably end up thanking them later for yanking the wool off that was covering my eyes.

That's the thing about love/infatuation/lust -- it can make you blind. Not in that hairy-palms kind of way, but in a way that it only lets you see the good. It's a nice way to look at things, but it's unrealistic, and in the end, it could be dangerous. We have friends to support us and laugh with us, but sometimes we need them as a reality checker when we ourselves have been blinded by the hot dude in the leather jacket. Or conversely, the hot girl in the red dress. Love-blindedness knows no gender.

It's up to the dater to choose whether or not to listen to their friends, but it's still our duty as friends to speak the truth -- then be supportive when our advice is ignored. Eventually, the dating couple might break up, and when that happens, it shouldn't be all "I told you so's" and eye-rolls. Compassion is a key part of friendships and shouldn't be neglected just because our advice wasn't taken.

So hopefully these rumors about Courteney hating Justin aren't true, but if they are, I hope Jen listens to her BFF and eventually sees the light.

Has one of your friends ever dated a guy you disapproved of?

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