Tupac Shakur Keeps My Husband & Me Together

Tupac ShakurWhen you think of Tupac Shakur (or 2Pac Shakur for that matter), you're probably thinking "California Love," "Dear Mama," or another rap song. I mean, he is a rapper after all. But today marks 15 years since the rapper was gunned down in Las Vegas, and all I've got in my head is a song released a decade before he was even born. It's that mushy '60s song "Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry." Because it was.

The day Tupac died was the day I met the man who would -- just over four years later -- become my husband. And I owe it all to 'Pac. His death, sadly, served as an icebreaker that day.


See, it was September 13, 1996, and a girl in upstate New York was bored. Fortunately, so was a guy in Blacksburg, Virginia. It was technically that boredom that led us to an Internet chat room. But it was the murder of Tupac that gave us something to talk about, the news of the day, the hot topic.

Not exactly "what's your sign," but I'll take a guy who can talk breaking news over a bad pick-up line any day of the week. Especially a guy who can speak of tragedy respectfully -- that can really give you the measure of a man. As sad as the day is, it was when I looked at the calendar this morning that I realized how special it is too.

How many people can say they remember the first words they spoke to their significant other? He may not have been my matchmaker in physical form, but Tupac reached into my life that day and forever altered its course. He introduced me to my husband. And for that, I'm forever grateful.

I should point out I don't celebrate his death. It was unspeakably sad news. Tupac's life may have been rather violent, but he was a young, immensely talented man, and he left behind a family that loved him. Our discussion that day was, as I recall, immensely respectful. My husband was, in fact, a fan of his work. I was less familiar, although now among the songs you might expect on the iPod of a soccer mom (sigh) from rural America, there is a chunk of space devoted solely to hardcore rap Cali style.

I celebrate the fact that my relationship had a rather bizarre start, but one that's definitely memorable. Tupac gave me a great gift that day. He gave me the ability to sing "Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry." Even if it wasn't his style.

Do you remember the first conversation you ever had with your significant other? What broke the ice? Does it still follow you as a theme in your marriage?


Image via Gruenemann/Flickr

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