Fun-Loving Couple Makes the Best Out of Wedding Day Disaster

bouquetBeing left at the altar by your fiance is absolutely terrible. Being left at the altar by your priest? That's just weird. It happened to newlyweds Marie and Gary Mead, an English couple who planned an expensive and exotic wedding to take place in Spain, only to arrive to find the church doors locked with no word from their priest. The happy couple didn't freak out as I would have (I can picture myself holding a battering ram in my wedding dress and organizing my bridesmaids into attack formation as we charged the church doors). The Meads, on the other hand, made the absolute best of the situation.


After taking some hilarious pics of themselves trying to pry open the church doors, the couple and their 74 guests moseyed on down to the beach with a bunch of champagne, took some wedding photos, then headed to the reception they'd planned at a nearby bar. Rock on, Meads! Way to turn lemons into lemonade.

By the way, lack of planning wasn't the reason that things went amiss. They didn't go into this wedding haphazardly -- the priest had been recommended by a friend whose ceremony he'd performed and Gary and Marie had spoken to the priest beforehand. They'd gone over how to say their vows in Spanish and what music was going to play when. As you can imagine, they were dumbfounded by the circumstances come wedding day and still don't have an answer as to why the church was locked and the priest MIA.

But the only thing the bride was upset about? Missing the opportunity to get pictures inside the beautiful and ancient church by the sea. What a good sport! Seriously -- if it were me, I'd be picking bloody splinters out of my hands to this day and there'd be stained-glass shards still embedded in my feet since I'd have done anything to get in that goddamn church. It was my wedding day, for Christ's sake!

Thankfully, Marie's a better woman than I ... however, there is a twist. She had an edge. You see, Gary and Marie were already technically married -- they tied the knot in Vegas a year earlier and had planned this Spanish ceremony as a blessing for their union. Maybe that's the secret to a fun, laid-back wedding day: already be married. 

What's the biggest wedding day disaster you've experienced?

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