American Women Need to Get Over This Love Myth Now (VIDEO)

When college women spend their junior year abroad, some dream of studying art, religion, and architecture while others only want to shop for shoes, party, and meet European men. For those latter kinds of women, there is a video. It has to be a joke (please Lord), but for our purposes, we are going to take it (somewhat) seriously. Because women need to be warned.

There is nothing all that great about European men versus American ones. But if you want to meet them (especially while living there), you sure don't need Katherine Chloé Cahoon's book to do so. 

Simply put: They are everywhere. And they want to meet American women. The video speaks for itself, though. I wouldn't want to take away from it. See for yourself:


I studied abroad twice in college; I spent one semester London and then another in Florence, Italy. Both semesters were wonderful and fun. And all the women in my programs dated Italian men and English men. We all became obsessed with the myth of the European dude and we all learned quickly that they just thought we were easy.

I only saw maybe one or two of those relationships ever become something. Now we were young and obviously that is just my experience, but, like the man who rejects American women, this is nothing more than stereotyping.

Sure, now I know many women happily married to men who grew up in Europe. But Calhoon seems to be speaking more to college ladies abroad than women looking for marriage. And in the "real world" (outside of college), I also know many women happily married to men who didn't grow up in Europe. All the men are nice.

There are also struggles with women who do marry men from other countries. They have more barriers in terms of values, customs, and "social norms" with their husbands who grew up in a different culture.

So why are ladies so obsessed with the myth of the European man? Is it because he's exotic? Sophisticated? Better dressed? These things may or may not be true (depending on the European man), but trust me: Meeting a European man is easy if you want to. You don't need to buy a book or watch the videos or even watch the movie (yes, Calhoon is working on a movie). Just be you and be in the country and you will meet them. The end.

Do you want to meet a European man?


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