Ladies Need to Learn to Say 'No' More

If you ever want to be 100 percent sure that a man won't walk down that aisle with you, play your relationship like Elisabetta Canalis did with George Clooney. A self-described "doormat," she is everything you shouldn't want to be. 

The fact is, men aren't nearly as complicated as we make them out to be. They (like us) want people who respect themselves and a "doormat" does nothing of the kind.

A "doormat" never says what is on her mind. She lets her man dictate everything, and in the end, she is almost always left alone when her man invariably finds another woman more willing to stand up for herself. Ladies, you're doing no one any favors by saying yes all the time.


If you want respect, you also have to respect yourself. That means not giving away love to someone who isn't returning it. It also means saying "no" more. Women are taught to say yes and that saying yes makes us "nice," but women who say yes too much get taken advantage of and dumped at an alarming rate.

The next time you don't feel like having sex or don't feel like cooking dinner, say no. See how it feels. The more you say no, the easier it becomes. It isn't that a woman needs to say no to everything, but part of being empowered is seizing what you want from life and not settling for less.

When you say yes to mediocre requests or never state what you really want or need, you become a doormat. Canalis is learning, it seems, and she is gorgeous and will have plenty of time to find herself a man. But for the rest of us who have no George Clooney, it's still a valid lesson.

Say no. Say no to sex. Say no to ride requests. Say no to pot-lucks and anything that requires more of you than you want to give. I promise, the more you say no, the more others will say yes.

Do you ever feel like a doormat?

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