The Best Time to Cheat Is During a Recession

keysLooking to have an extra-marital affair? Well now's the time, folks. According to an analysis done by CNBC, a down economy is when tensions in marriages rise, and thus when infidelity rises. While it may seem surprising then that the number of divorces during the recession has stayed the same as it was during better times, experts theorize that a bad economy might actually inspire people to stay married, even if they're totally unhappy. Who can afford a divorce, or a new place, or to sell the house, when the economy is in the tanker? That's where the cheating comes in.

We live separate lives, together, and cheat our little hearts out, using sites like, which hook us up with other married people looking to have an affair, too.


The CEO of, Noel Biderman, explains the relationship the economy and his site share:

We’re not a recession-proof business, we’re a recession-growth business. Everyone looks for a temporary way to feel better about themselves. People were basically confessing in their profile that ‘The marriage is really over — we’re just waiting for the market to recover. Who wants to pay $40,000 for a divorce when you can pay $49 for an affair?!

Well I suppose that's one way of looking at it. As long as your spouse is aware that you're cheating, it kind of makes sense. A divorce may be official in the eyes of the government once the papers are signed, but if two consenting adults decide their marriage is over, that they're going to wait for the economy to improve before moving forward with the paperwork, and want to look for another partner in the meantime ... I guess it's OK.

Why people choosing to do find their extra-marital partners seems to make sense (as opposed to Match or eHarmony) -- may be one of the only sites where you can openly admit you're still married, and give honest reasons about why you're not yet divorced.

It all balances on honesty. It is the best policy, after all.

As our economy levels out, maybe so too will our cheating industry. In the meantime, as Europe's economy takes a nose dive, Biderman says his site in the Spanish market as well as in other hard economically-hit countries, is booming.

What do you think?

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