5 Tasks My Husband Just Can't Do

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a loving, heartfelt letter to my husband about the things I'd like him to help out with more.

Perhaps my poetic prose was misunderstood, because I can't say that there has been a remarkable difference on the home-front since then. (Truly, a shock.) The good news? Seems that I'm not alone in my husband frustration.

Is it something in the male genetic code? Are they simply feeding into silly stereotypes? Are we just letting them get away with it?

I'm not sure exactly what it is, but there are just some things that my husband simply cannot do, no matter how hard I beg. Sadly, they are all things my 7-year-old has mastered ...


1. Change a light bulb. Or, rather, change a light bulb the first 17 times I ask for it.

2. Use electronics. The remote control. The answering machine. The laundry machine. The dishwasher. Seriously, if I didn't live in this house, we may as well not have electricity.

3. Pack a lunch. No, my darling, two slices of bread and a plastic-wrapped piece of cheese do not a lunch make.

4. Dress a child. I mean, he's capable of dressing a child, but there's always something off about the outfit choice. Mismatched socks, ill-fitting shirt, too short pants, seasonably inappropriate. Always just a little something.

5. Follow directions. Of any kind.


Photo courtesy of Flickr/pzed

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