Calling Your Ex 65,000 Times Is 64,999 Calls Too Many

woman stalks exSince we're all friends here, I think each of us can admit to an unadvised call to the ex every now and again. It goes something like: You're feeling a little lonely, it's late at night, and that box of wine you gulped down with your frozen dinner has gone straight to your head. After cleaning out your cat's litter box, pooper scooper in hand, you think, Oh, what will one call hurt. He won't pick up anyway. And if he does, it's like, meant to be. Let me just see if I remember his numb ... [dials fervently, and correctly.]

We've all been there. And we've all realized, after getting his voicemail, that we're crazy and vowed to never, ever allow ourselves to call him again. Most of us stick to that goal. A woman in Denmark didn't. She called her ex 65,000 times in one year, and is facing charges for being the bat-shittiest lady on the face of planet earth.


Let's do some quick math. If she called him 65,000 times in a year, that's 178 calls a day. She's awake about 16 of those hours ... carry the one ... she must have called him roughly 11 times an hour, every hour, every day, for a whole year.

Understandably, the man was a little, say, annoyed. Why he didn't change his number after the first week is one of life's greatest mysteries, but he did call the police. The woman has been ordered to stop contacting her ex. Well, she says he's her ex ... the man says they've never had a relationship.

Lest you think these were some horned up teens, let me tell you that the woman is 42 years old and the man is in his 60s.

Let's see if the woman adheres to the court order -- something tells me that if she's persistent enough to make 178 calls a day, 365 days a year, she's not going to be dissuaded easily. Her cell bill has got to be crazy high.

I guess we can all walk away from this story knowing that we're not the craziest people out there -- that there's someone with a few more screws loose than us. Yay! God bless that insane Dane.

Have you ever regretted a call you made to your ex?

Photo via Carissa GoodNCrazy/Flickr

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