There IS Such a Thing as 'Too Young to Marry'

People will say that age is just a number and they will say that there is no "right" age to marry. On the latter, they may be correct. But there is a wrong one. Getting married under the age of 18 is just plain bad. And a new study proves just how.

The study, which appears in Pediatrics, shows that girls under 18 who get married often show signs of depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorders. They are also more likely to become dependent on alcohol, drugs, and nicotine. Roughly 6 percent of the population gets married under 18, but special attention was paid this summer after 16-year-old Courtney Stodden and 51-year-old Lost actor Doug Hutchison got married and went on their bizarre tour of "love."

Truth be told, getting married that young is just a huge mistake.


In today's culture, a person is barely considered fully grown at the age of 25, let alone at 18. There is still so much maturing that has to be done. Sure, we all know the odd story of the high school sweethearts who stayed together. But for every one of those, I could find three more that ended in divorce.

And it isn't just the possibility of divorce that makes marrying too young so bad. There is also just so much growing that happens in that late teen/early 20s period of time. I feel so lucky that I was in college those four years and then in grad school when my only concern was getting to know myself and getting good grades.

Had I been married then, I would have been a crazy person. And all my friends were the same. None of us should have or did get married before 25, and even 25 (the age I was when I married) seems young in retrospect.

Getting married older is smarter for so many reasons. I didn't need a study to prove that. But it sure is helpful.

What do you think of marriage under 18?


Image via waitscm/Flickr

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