Military Couple Share Incredibly Romantic Reunion

patriotic bouquet romantic reunionThe Schmanskis might seem like a regular young couple, but their tear-jerking, romantic reunion at a Long Island, New York airport yesterday was proof they're anything but. The two 25-year-olds both serve in the military, and Cathrine -- or should I say Sgt. Cathrine Schmanski -- just returned from Afghanistan. Until just recently, her husband, Staff Sgt. Johnathan Schmanski had served in the northern part of the country, while Cathrine served in the south, near Kandahar.

Cathrine and Johnathan met two years ago when they were both stationed in Vilseck, Germany. His marriage proposal to her was the stuff of fairy-tales: He asked her while they rode through San Antonio, Texas in a horse-drawn carriage.

The two were married at the end of May and would carefully plan trips to see one another, but wouldn't really get to spend more than couple of weeks together. But they can finally spend some QT together, now that both husband and wife have returned from the Middle East.


Johnathan said that yesterday was the day he had been waiting two years for. Wow! Just to think of how much these two love one another and what they've been through separately and as a couple is amazing! Definitely proof of how strong their bond truly must be.

Upon reuniting, Johnathan and Cathrine also talked to the local press about their shared values, how they both never questioned wanting to serve their country, which is awesome. It sounds like although they're going to be able to spend some blissful time together now, they plan to continue to serve. Both have re-enlisted through 2013. Gotta say, this is one incredibly brave, totally committed couple if I ever heard of one!

What do you think of the Schmanskis' story?


Image via Lori Bee/Flickr

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