Worst First Date Ever Lands Woman a Night in Jail

jail cellThere are first dates from hell, then there are first dates that get you a night in jail. Poor Leah Gibbs, 23, thought she had met a nice, normal guy on Facebook and had agreed to go on a date with him -- the plan was to meet at his house to watch a movie and get to know one another. But when Leah showed up at his place, things took an odd turn. Adam Minton, 21, insisted that they put the movie-watching on hold for a bit. He needed her to drive him to a "friend's place" really fast, for you know, a really quick errand.

What happens next is the stuff Lifetime movies are made of.


Leah behind the wheel and Adam in the passenger seat, he asked her to pull over into a shopping center near his hometown in South Wales. He got out of the car and left Leah, clueless as to what the hell was going on, in the car for about four or five minutes.

He returned in a tizzy and yelled "Go! Go! Go!" as soon as he shut his car door. Leah quickly sped off and they went back to his place, where she decided the date was over. As Adam tried to apologize and get her to come inside ... that's when the cops showed up and arrested them both.

Adam had apparently gone into a betting establishment in the shopping center and had robbed the clerk at knife point. He had stolen about $400 before getting into his getaway car, driven by the unwitting Leah. The clerk was able to give police Adam's plate numbers, and they caught up with him pretty fast.

After spending the night in jail, trying to convince the police of her innocence, Leah was finally let go after Adam corroborated that she had nothing to do with the crime. Adam's been in jail now for over four years.

I've heard of bad dates, but being conned into being a getaway driver has got to rank among the worst dates ever. I thought I had a bad one once when my date spilled his drink on me, but Leah's takes the cake.

Have you ever had a really bad first date?

Photo via kangotraveler/Flickr

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