Real-Life 'The Notebook' Couple Proves True Love Waits

the notebook ryan gosling rachel mcadamsTurns out the kind of romance we thought only thrived in sappy novels and on the silver screen -- the kind where long-lost lovers reunite after years or miles between them -- really does exist! Consider this: Former childhood sweethearts, Peggy Fryer and Bill Labram, who are now both 80 years old, will be tying the knot this weekend. It only took them 63 years apart to find their way back to one another.

They first fell in love in 1947 after growing up on the same street (so Dawson's Creek!) in the U.K., but the lovebirds were torn apart when Peggy's father decided his then 16-year-old daughter was too young to be getting soooo serious with a guy.

Each went on to marry another and have families, but now says that over the years, they thought about one another regularly.


When, in 2007, Bill's wife passed away, a friend of then-divorced Peggy's sent her the obit in the mail (kinda morbid, I guess, but oh well) and an old photo of Peggy and Bill as a couple back in the late '40s. Then, via phone book (not Facebook, whoa!), Peggy tracked Bill down, and it was love at first sight all over again. Awwwww.

Bill explained:

We've never forgotten one another. It's marvelous. We were in love then and we're in love now. I never really thought we'd meet up again and get another chance. But when she phoned me and I went to see her, we slotted in just as if we hadn't been apart a day.

OMG, has your heart melted yet?! These two octogenarians actually sound like a real-life version of Noah and Allie from Nicholas Sparks' famous novel-turned-tearjerker The Notebook! Or they're kind of like Romeo and Juliet ... you know, if they hadn't been so star-crossed after being forbidden to fall in love by the Houses of Capulet and Montague! Either way, their story is just ... so ... sweet! Sigh.

Although I'm sure they each loved their respective spouses, it seems like these two were always destined to find their way back to one another at some point. I can't help but find their love story not only heartwarming, but completely inspiring. Bill and Peggy have proved a second chance at love doesn't just exist in Nicholas Sparks' head. Hallelujah!

What do you think of Bill and Peggy's story?

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