Creepy Dating Site Claims Your Soulmate Should Look Like You

findyourfacemate.comEver meet one of those couples that look like one another? Oh God, maybe they even DRESS like one another. (Ughhhh, that's the worst.) I guess it happens from time to time, or maybe over time: people end up resembling one another. Regardless, I'm not sure if hunting down someone who could be your fraternal twin is the key to true love. But a new dating site says it is.

The three-month-old site,, uses facial recognition software (that same creepy technology that is used on Facebook and could potentially lead people to your Social Security number) to match singles with other singles who look like them. Founder Christina Bloom married a guy who looked very similar to her, so she really truly believes in "the science behind" the phenomenon and wants to help people meet their soul mates. Awww.

Her aim would be totally sweet, if it wasn't also totally creeptastic.


Sure, we all tend to go for people who have features that, if not outright look familiar to us, at least feel that way. As much as my boyfriend would totally groan and roll his eyes with mock disgust if I pointed it out, I must remind him -- at least on a subconscious level -- of his mom, given the naturally brunette hair and certain features she and I share.

But intentionally, consciously seeking out someone who looks just like us is taking it TOO FAR.

Besides, as much as I appreciate that Bloom really wants to help people find true love, I'm a bit perturbed by her assertion that just because you share similar features with someone, they're bound to be your intellectual and emotional match! She actually argues that the physical attraction (cough narcissism) triggered by someone who looks like you makes for powerful chemistry. But I'm not so sure. Seems sort of shallow and ridiculous. (Maybe something like BrainMate that matches you based on your intellectual interests and IQ would make more sense!)

Also, if you did happen to hit it off with someone who looked suspiciously like you, wouldn't you kind of worry they might be related in some way?! (Hey, it's not that crazy! Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles look alike, and they're related -- ninth cousins once removed!) Geeze, if I happened to meet someone like that, I'd while away the hours on making sure our family trees didn't have serious crossover. Ick.

No matter. There are plenty of people who are intrigued with the site (currently 25,000 narcissists worldwide!). I agree with Bloom that finding love is tres difficult, so whatever, people should definitely give FaceMate a whirl. But if they find themselves having a moment like the Lorraine Bates-Marty McFly/accidental mother-son kiss in Back to the Future ("I don't know what it is, but when I'm kissing you, it's like I'm kissing ... my brother!"), they shouldn't be surprised.

What do you think of this soul mate-finding strategy?


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