Katy Perry & Russell Brand Have Awesome Date at VMAs

katy perry russel brandAt the VMAs Sunday night, Gaga dressed as a dude, Chris Brown made some sort of "comeback," and Katy Perry won the moon-man for Video of the Year. The "Firework" singer had an all in all grand old night, winning two trophies out of the nine she was nominated for. Not too shabby. Better still? She had an adoring man on her arm. Russell Brand, her husband of about 10 months now, beamed with pride and adoration as he watched Katy accept her first video music awards.

It seems like Russell and Katy had a perfect date night at the VMAs, which is super awesome, because ... I thought they were about to break up, no?


There have been tons of rumors floating about (some with suspicious photos) that Russell's been cheating on Katy while she's away on tour (and vice versa), and I can't say that they totally surprise me. He seems like someone you'd want to date for two months -- all the way crazy, funny, and sexy -- but not someone you'd want to marry. Just doesn't seem like the settling down kind of guy.

But after last night, maybe those infidelity rumors will be put to rest. Eyewitnesses told Us Weekly that the two couldn't keep their hands off one another and kept whispering to each other like they were sharing inside jokes. With Bieber and Selena in the row behind them, think Katy and Russ were joking about Justin's glasses? Or snake? Bieber definitely supplies enough material for a few jokes here and there.

Regardless, Katy and Russell seemed totally in love. You know what I actually liked most about them last night? It looked like they are best friends, and we all know how important that is in a long-term relationship or marriage.

I wish we could all have a date night like Katy and Russell's at the VMAs: Wear wacky outfits, watch some great performances, win an award or two, toast some champagne, then head back to, oh, I don't know, Beyonce and Jay-Z's pad for some late night fun with friends.

So here's to the Russell-Perry clan! Keep going strong, you guys. Love yous, mean it.

Do you think Katy and Russell are in it for the long haul?

Photo via mtv.com

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