What Guys Really Want Will Surprise You

brunette saying shhhIt's no mystery many women struggle with body acceptance, which can be inextricably linked to our love lives. Whether we feel attractive or not directly affects how comfortable we are around a lover on a date or in the bedroom. But now there's news that we're probably being a bit too hard on ourselves. Especially when it comes to our hair color and clothing sizes.

We tend to assume -- or at least I did growing up an occasionally chubby brunette -- that "gentlemen prefer (thin) blondes." But that's not the case, according to a new survey from the social networking site Badoo. The poll asked 2,000 men what they find most attractive in the opposite sex. The resounding response? Raven locks, a size 10 (that's U.S.!) figure, and blue eyes. Huh?!


It does bear noting that this survey initially came out of a U.K.-based site. English/European men (with the exception of the French) tend to be a bit more into curvy women than American guys. (Plus, they know how to stand on one side of an escalator and let people walk on the other. Man, they seem so much more progressive than us sometimes!) Still, when men in the U.S. were polled, they liked women with black hair the best and curvy women around a size 10. Wow!

Obviously, we should take heart in the fact that there are TONS of guys out there who appreciate "unconventional" (versus Barbie standards, I guess) beauty.

Growing up in a suburban area where leggy, athletic blondes of Irish and WASP-y heritage ruled the school, there were times my "Russian Jewish peasant girl" (as my mom would say) looks made me feel like an ugly duckling. But as soon as I got to college in Boston, there were mouthy brunettes out of Long Island, West coast punky and pale chicks, and sassy redheads from Ohio. There were also all kinds of men who were attracted to all different types of women. Imagine that! And that's precisely what this survey proves. 

Maybe the guys polled by Badoo do prefer curvy brunettes, but there are so many different guys out there who want all different types of women. With hope, this survey could serve as something of a wake-up call. The wacky standards of beauty we set for ourselves (courtesy of misleading imagery from Hollywood and the media, but sometimes even our own friends and moms!) don't necessarily match up to the reality of what most men find attractive and certainly shouldn't make or break our chances of succeeding in love.

Are you surprised by this survey?

Image via Nathan Lewis/Flickr

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