Kim Kardashian Made Biggest Bridal No-No in Front of Whole World

kim kardashian wedding cover of people magazineHere's the cover of the latest issue of People magazine that's supposedly dedicated to Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton Kris Humphries' "royal" nuptials. Notice Kim's new husband is nowhere in sight. Not even mentioned in the cover line copy. And inside, readers will get "Kim's Wedding Album." But since a wedding can't exactly occur with just ONE person, I'm a bit befuddled by this. So are others. People is definitely getting some slack for the "bride stands alone" cover photo.

When questioned about it, one of the assistant editors, Jen Garcia, told Access Hollywood, "It's all about the bride. We wanted her. It's her day, we wanted her on the cover." She went on to blame the solo photo on Kris being super-tall, and it being hard to get them in the same shot. Uh, okay?

Excuses aside, you better believe Kim had final approval of something like this, and the fact that she allowed it to be "all about her" is bad news for this marriage!


I know plenty of women buy into the idea that their wedding day is their once in a lifetime time to shine, or their "princess moment," as Rachel Zoe would say. Kim even said she "felt like a princess." And there's nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with thinking your wedding day is just about YOU. That sentiment -- likely something dreamed up and pushed by the multimillion-dollar wedding biz to sucker women into feeling they totally deserve to spend loads of dough on dresses, flowers, entertainment, venues, etc. -- is nothing short of dangerous.

Everyone knows a wedding, which is basically the birth of a marriage, is about celebrating partnership. (Otherwise, you'd just throw yourself a big birthday party or something!) It's about two people vowing to commit to one another for a lifetime of give and take. Hence why I don't understand treating the event as your own personal diva day. Doesn't a marriage involve both you and your sweetheart? Therefore, shouldn't The Big Day be about, uh, husband and wife (or wife and wife, husband and husband)?

Hold up, here's a confession: My parents like to tease me by saying I'm a typical Leo rising who thinks she's the Empress of the Universe. My mom claims she knows in my heart of hearts, what I'd really like on my wedding day is a cross between the royal wedding and Kim Kardashian's over-the-top Hollywood event and THEN SOME. In other words, all eyes on ME. But that's just simply not true. I don't want a self-absorbed affair, because that's not the tone or precedent I want to set for my future marriage. The focus should be US, starting our lives together as a team.

In other words, if whoever was behind this People cover really understood the significance of tying the knot, they would have made sure BOTH newlyweds were featured on the cover. There's no way around it. When saying "WE do," it simply doesn't make sense to make it about just "you you you."    

What do you think about The Big Day being "all about the bride"?


Image via People Magazine

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