Olivia Wilde Knows How to Heal From a Divorce

olivia wildeOlivia Wilde is the woman. She's got a career that won't quit, blue eyes that pierce the soul, and it seems that she has the right attitude about relationships. When the Cowboys and Aliens star divorced from her husband back in March, she told Marie Claire that she was left feeling humble, and a bit wobbly, from the split.

Olivia married Italian Tao Ruspoli when she was 18, and they split when she was 27. She and her ex were together during her very formative younger years, and I'm sure separating must have been an excruciating decision.

But that's why I love that they were spotted yesterday having lunch together.


A bond like Olivia's and Tao's is permanent. Any couple who was married for nearly a decade will have forever intertwined their lives, no matter if they had children together or not. That's 10 years of memories, good and bad, that they shared and it's wonderful that they were able to remain friends.

Granted, I have no idea if they were arguing the whole time over their lunch, but judging from the photo, the pair seems happy, casual, and cool. Probably because they are. If at one point in your life you decided to commit to marriage, odds are you really liked the person, so if after a period of solitude after a breakup, I think starting over as casual friends is a perfectly grand idea. I mean, I don't think they should be hanging out every day, having slumber parties, and going on vacations, but a lunch here and there? Perfect.

Olivia's been linked to stars like Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling since her divorce, but it doesn't seem like she's letting her new dating life interfere with her friendship with Tao. (He might tell a different story, though.)

It might be easier for Olivia and Tao to stay friends after their divorce because they're young, but I think they're doing something right -- that they're setting a good example for splitting with dignity and staying friends.

What do you think?

Photo via Kevork Djansezian/Getty

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