Guys SHOULD Act Like Cavemen When It Comes to This

guy hitting on girl at a barAlthough it might be a total cliche, there really is some truth to the expression "nice guys finish last." At least when it comes to one-night stands. A new study from Kansas University shows it's the aggressive guys who usually succeed in securing hook-ups. Makes sense, right? A guy who beats around the bush or tries "soft sell" pick-up lines probably isn't going to do very well getting what he wants in bed that night. But then, the researchers got into the nitty-gritty details behind what they call "cavemen-like" behavior, and they totally lost me.

They claim Neanderthal-ish men with negative, sexist attitudes towards women were the ones who are most likely to be aggressive in their approach. They're the ones who don't mind "putting women in their place" in a submissive or yielding role during courtship. Worse yet, they say the women who are most responsive to aggressive men are those who have negative, sexist attitudes towards other women.


In other words, two birds of misogynistic feathers flock together. Ugh. This is just messed up.

Maybe the researchers' assertion is a rule, and I'm the exception, but I find the aggressive approach super-sexy. That could be because I hate mind games, having to guess what a guy wants, or phony, cheesy, awkward pick-up lines that couldn't possibly be genuinely romantic. But I've also always appreciated a confident guy who says and goes for what he wants from the outset.

Sure, there are guys who go right for the kill who are totally sexist d-bags, who think they can basically just say, "Let's do it," and a woman will walk out of a bar with him right then and there. And there are plenty of women who fall for that cocky, bad boy behavior. But I don't think all aggressive guys and willing women fit those descriptions or are necessarily SEXIST by any means.

An assertive, confident -- albeit respectful -- approach wherein the guy is dominant and the woman is submissive can be majorly sexy. I'm sure plenty of feminist, forward-thinking, totally nonsexist women would agree. It's not about "putting a woman in her place." It's about being straightforward, and when it comes to getting it on sans "strings," that's probably the best thing a man or woman could possibly be.

Do you like when a guy gets straight to the point about what he wants?


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