Men DO Care What Your Face Looks Like (Kind Of)

When we ladies think of beauty, we always think in terms of face. Seriously, ask a woman if another woman (or man) is beautiful and she will almost always say something like, "Well her eyes are gorgeous" or, "Her lips are perfect." Men notice these things, too. But they seem to pale in comparison to what's under the face.

Ask Men -- the website for men that keeps tabs on all the hot women in Hollywood -- has a tab for whether someone's face or body is hotter. And while both seem to get equal votes, depending on the actress, the distinction is telling.

A man can find a woman hot just because she has good curves, regardless of her face. We all know this, of course. "Butterface" (hot in every place but her face) was not invented yesterday. But it's amazing to see how pronounced it is.


When I took an informal poll of women asking whether they found face or body hotter in men, the answer was often: "sense of humor."

Despite that not being an option, for women, it was impossible to separate the personality from the person. When forced, though, most women say face. Men seem to have that problem a little less. Some care about face, some care about body, some even care about both. But one or the other will do.

Scrolling through the Ask Men galleries, it's fascinating to see why they like certain women. We might salivate over getting Miranda Kerr's body for ourselves, but only 19 percent of men think her body is what makes her hot. Compare that to 71 percent who think Kelly Brook is famous for her body.

Both are equally hot, but in different ways. The ideal, of course, is to strike an even balance. Sports reporter Erin Andrews, for instance, is famous 56 percent said for her bod (skinny with big boobs), but 31 percent said face. Not bad, right?

Of course, this is all first impression stuff. In the end, my poll-takers have a point (despite not following the rules!). Face and body matter, but not nearly as much as intelligence, wit, humor, and generosity in terms of a long-term relationship.

What matters most to you and your man? Face or bod?

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