The Real Reason Women Should Do Their Kegels

woman clutching pillowKegel exercises -- those pelvic floor exercises that make women have stronger vaginas -- definitely work for easier birthing, easier recovery post-birth, and post-baby giggle pee, but those aren't even the best reasons to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

The more you do pelvic floor exercises, the better your orgasms will be. In fact, my best orgasms only started happening after I learned to squeeze and release my pelvic floor muscles. And the more I remember to do these exercises, the better the sex and orgasms I continue to have -- both alone and with a partner!

If you don't know by now, you should: I love TMI, and I also love sharing TMI when it helps out every woman I know. And this sex tip is one of those that can radically improve your sex life.

So, how do you find your pelvic floor muscles?


The easiest way to figure out what exactly it is I'm talking about is to stick your finger inside your vagina and squeeze. Feel the muscles tighten and then relax them. If you still aren't feeling much, try finding your muscles while you urinate. 

That's right, find your muscles while you pee. Next time you're sitting on the toilet, start peeing, stop, start, stop. Once you figure out exactly what you're doing in order to control your flow, practice when you're not in the bathroom. That's because if you start and stop all the time during peeing, you can actually weaken your bladder and then it doesn't completely empty, increasing your chances of a UTI. 

Once you've got the technique down, practice, practice, practice. You can practice anytime, anywhere. Like while you're breastfeeding, or driving, or watching your favorite SpongeBob SquarePants episode. All you need to do is squeeze up and hold the muscles for three to five seconds, then release. Do this as many times in a row, and in a day, as you can. If you get super ambitious, make a chart, or mental notes, to keep track of how many reps you do and when your muscles get tired. You can hold for as short as one second, or as long as ten, but the more you do these exercises, and the more you vary the length of time you hold, the better your orgasms will feel.

Squeeze/hold/release -- it's that simple. Guys can do these too for more control of their penises. You can use specific toys to help you exercise your muscles, but you don't need to. All you need is your determination and drive and you'll get it right. And this can double as one of those porn star tricks, the type you use during sex to get your partner off faster, or to feel more of each other, because you can learn to tighten your muscles around him when he is inside you.

Trust me. I was once only a clitoral orgasm type of girl, but thanks to strengthening my pelvic floor muscles, I feel my orgasms deeper and for longer periods of time. With or without penetration. All I need is my Kegels and I can go all the way. 

Have Kegel exercises changed your sex life?

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