Golddiggers Belong on New Dating Website

sugar daddyI once had a roommate who admitted she was involved with a sugar daddy. He paid for her school tuition, her rent, her breast implants ... and I don't really know what, if anything, she gave him in return. But the whole set-up felt really skeezy to me. Wasn't she a golddigger? And he must have been a creepy loser. Regardless, pretty young women hooking up with rich, lonely men is a relationship phenomenon that's probably existed since the dawn of time. And now, people seeking to fulfill either side of the equation -- "sugar baby" or "sugar daddy" -- can find one another on the "premiere" site offering companionship for money called

On the site, men who are defined as "rich and successful ... single or married" (ick) set up profiles that reveal the amount in their bank accounts and the monthly allowance he can provide a woman (usually at least $1,000 to more than $20,000).


Then, they pay $50 a month for membership, and $1,000 a year for the site to certify their wealth. For women, ideally "attractive, ambitious and young," membership is free.

My initial reaction to the site was pretty much the same as when I found out how my ex-roomie paid her credit card bill -- disgust. Shouldn't both parties ashamed of what they're doing? But then, I realized maybe I shouldn't be so quick to pass judgment.

If someone actually wants to be a sugar daddy, I would rather they'd at least be forthright about it! At least these people on SeekingArrangement are being honest about the kind of relationship they're out for. (Err, sans the ones who are married. Those who think they can hide a Hugh Hefner-ish existence from a wife, well, that's a whole different story.) And hey, at least this keeps these people off of conventional dating sites. By having their own niche site, sugar daddies won't be going after the wrong, young female dater who wants a real relationship based on a genuine emotional connection, and golddigging pretty women won't be attempting to hook some unsuspecting guy from Plenty of Fish into pay for every single dinner out, and then some.

The fact of the matter is -- whether we like it or not, I guess there really is a market for golddiggers and gold-givers. At least now, there's a place for them to pair up and keep up whatever give-and-take charades they wish to participate in -- hopefully far, far away from the regular dating scene.

What do you think about the sugar daddy-baby relationship?

Image via Alan Turkus/Flickr

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