Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen Do One Thing Really Well

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen have done many, many things wrong in the past several years. The first was probably getting married in the first place. But somehow the two people who have done so many things got at least one thing right -- divorce.

When two parents get divorced, the most important thing they can do is present a united front and that is exactly what Sheen and Mueller, whose divorce was official last May, are doing. The two are in Mexico together on a getaway and while the press is quick to call it romantic (and maybe it is), it could also just be that they don't hate each other. And in the world of Hollywood divorces, that, in itself, is a feat.

The vacation comes after months of turmoil for the former couple who share twin toddler-age sons.


Mueller has been in rehab in Mexico, paid for by Sheen and while it is clear Sheen is on a rocket ship to lunacy, he is also her former husband and the father of her two sons. If the two can find a way to get along, then they should damn well use it.

Yes, these two have major problems, but there is always hope and maybe if they can have a loving divorce, their children can benefit. Divorce is never easy for any family and having parents who get along and respect each other is a key component of keeping things comfortable for the children.

Sheen has been in the news for his crazy behavior, baffling statements and off-the-wall lifestyle, but if he is trying to get along with his ex-wife for the sake of his sons, then at least he is doing something right.

Maybe all divorcing couples should take a page from Sheen and Mueller and take a divorce-moon to Mexico together. OK, that's a joke, but good for them for trying their best to keep things amicable.

Of course, I will also place a $100 bet that they are back together soon enough, too.

Do you think this is a good approach to divorce?

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