Men Don't Really Fall in Love Within Seconds, Do They?

manYou must hate it when guys come up to you in bars and are all, "I love you! You're the one!" It must happen to you and your friends all the time because it's certainly not happening to anyone I've met, and if this new study that says 1 in 4 men know within seconds whether you're "the one" is supposed to hold any water, then there has gotta be millions of you out there who make men fall in love at first sight.

What's your secret? Why are men flocking to you and not me? It's because I use Suave products, isn't it.


I always thought my 99-cent shampoo would bite me in the ass one day. But seriously? Could it be that my friends and I are just fugly unapproachable a-holes who repel men with a ridiculous force that defies nature ... or is this study the thing that's ridiculous.

For whatever's left of my self-worth, let's go with the latter. Because if nearly one quarter of the male population is out there falling head over heels for women, then I'd like someone to come drown me in my Suave Rain Mist body wash since clearly I am not worth the air I breathe. It just simply can't be.

These men that were interviewed, these Casanovas, are they really falling in love within seconds? Or lust. I think when they see a tight shirt and a pretty face, their eyes pop out of their sockets, their pants get a little tighter, and they believe they've found the perfect specimen. In reality, they've found themselves with a five-beer buzz and a woman who's giving them the time of day. It's not love. She's not "the one."

Also, do guys really think about "the one"? I thought that was a term made up by bridal magazines. It's not real, is it? A survey of one man in this room says he has never looked at a woman in the bar and been thrilled at the idea that she could be the last person he'll sleep with for the rest of his life. I'm going to go with my thorough research over theirs.

Do you think 1 in 4 guys falls in love within seconds?

Photo via Hyrck/Flickr

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