Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Make Common Wedding Mistake (VIDEO)

Kim KardashianAs details of the wedding between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries continue to emerge, a picture of a gorgeous fairy tale event emerges. Actually, it's even better than a fairy tale, because not only did they get the wedding of their dreams, they also stand to make some serious bank off their big day -- serious to the tune of about $17.9 million, according to some reports.

From the dress to the cake and the setting, it sounds like it was an almost flawless event. Almost, but not quite.  There's just one little wedding detail that has emerged that has me cringing. It's a mistake many couples make, and I would have thought the Kardashians would have known better and avoided it, but alas they did not. Any guesses as to their blunder?


It was their selection of wedding favors. Check out Jillian Barberie, host of Good Day L.A., describing what loot attendees scored along with a coveted invite to the wedding.

A pashmina is a lovely thought, but who in their right minds would ever wear one with "Mr. & Mrs. Humphries" and "8.20.2011" inscribed on it, unless you were Mr. or Mrs. Humphries? I'm crazy for my Kardashians, but I would be embarrassed to even wear one in the privacy of my own home, much less out in public. Really, what does one do with something like that?

The other favors Barberie mentioned were notepads with Kim and Kris's pictures plastered on them. And you're supposed to do what with those? Take them to the market with your grocery list scribbled on them? Write a note to your kid's teacher atop their faces?

While I'm sure well intended, they're just such useless favors. Favors aren't necessary at weddings, but if couples are going to go to the effort and expense, they should at least make them something people can use like candy, wine, flower seeds, or even books of matches. Most people, however -- no matter how much they love you -- don't want to wear clothing with your name or likeness on it, nor do they want to decorate their home with you either. That means no throw pillows on which your mugs are emblazoned. It's easy when you're so in love to think all your family and friends will be delighted with such things, but ...  not so much.

The only saving grace about the favors Kim and Kris gave out is that they probably will have a pretty high resell value on eBay, so attendees may be able to rake their own profit from the Kardashian wedding as well. Which come to think of it, may make them the best wedding favors ever.

What do you think of the wedding favors Kim Kardashian handed out? What are the best and worst wedding favors you've ever received?

Image via TeM4 ♥al ali/Flickr


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