Incredibly Romantic Proposal Goes Horribly Wrong

engagement ringEveryone loves a good engagement story, and couples find themselves retelling theirs countless times for the rest of their lives. So there is a certain amount of pressure involved for guys (and some gutsy girls) when it comes to popping the question. Some go big and do things like proposing via a JumboTron while others go for a more private and personal experience, but as long as it's done with love, there's no wrong way to propose ... usually.

Unfortunately for a 30-year-old man in Tel Aviv, his recent proposal to his girlfriend was one of the few that went wrong -- really wrong.


According to YNet News, the man had picked the beautiful cliff of Arsuf overlooking the Mediterranean Sea for their special moment. He had a stereo set up there to play their favorite song; a photographer was hired to capture the special moment on film; and a rose and a gorgeous and expensive ring laid waiting for THE moment.

Sunset came. He led her to the spot and got down on one knee. He asked; she said yes. Then just as he went to place the ring on her finger, she exclaimed, "I can't believe it!" and hit his arm with her elbow. The ring went sailing ... right over the beautiful cliff.


The couple searched high and low, and even brought out friends and a metal detector to try and find the ring. Unfortunately, they haven't found it yet. "The ring just vanished," the unidentified man told the site. "I can't stop thinking about what happened. It's so bizarre."

Bizarre indeed. I can't imagine how awful this woman feels. Even though it was a complete accident, I'm sure she feels like she ruined everything. I hope at some point they're able to see a little humor in it and realize how little the actual ring matters in the scheme of marriage. And at least they're going to have one heck of an engagement story.

What's the most tragic proposal story you've ever heard? Was yours picture perfect?

Image via Andrew Abagado/Flickr

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