Millionaire Matchmaker's Secrets for Snagging a Man Aren't So Ridiculous

patti stanger millionaire matchmakerLooking back on my single days, I can't remember stressing out that much about what to wear on a date. My style is kind of classic, modest, so I would usually just go for an A-line dress, skirt, or dark jeans with a subtly sexy (but not too low-cut) top and cardigan. But I guess Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger encounters a lot of ladies who she thinks need a serious lesson on dressing to snag a guy. That's why she has a few style tips to secure a second date. For instance, in the pro yente's opinion, clothes that are more boho than fitted are a no-no and too much jewelry makes you look "high-maintenance."

Yeah, these rules of the dating road sound a bit archaic and patronizing. I love Patti, but sometimes, she can be so nitpicky and particular about what works and what doesn't that it's just asinine. But when it comes to the "look" that will win you love, I do think there's a lot of merit to what Stanger says.


For instance, I love that she says black is slimming, as we all know, and it's sexy to boot, but red is really eye-catching. There's a lot of truth to that. Men seem to adore women in scarlet. Hello, hence the cheeseball '80s tune "Lady in Red."

And the anti-boho sentiment? Well, I get where she's coming from on that, too. You want a guy to know you have hot curves, right? How's he going to be able to tell if you're wearing a Jessica Simpson-ish tent get-up?

The truth is that flaunting what you got is one part of the mating game, and some styles just don't do us women justice! Patti seems to be all about dressing in a down-to-earth but confident and, yes, sexy way. Because how we look really does "say" something about what you want in a relationship, or how much you care about your relationship.

No, we don't want to think we have to change our style to be attractive to a guy we're dating -- or even our boyfriends or husbands -- but sometimes I do think it's wise to make certain style choices on his behalf. Like cutting out the silly business with the towering Louboutins, because he's not a giant or because he thinks you're going to hurt your back wearing those spike heels. Or dialing down the makeup, because he seems to like you better au naturel.

Of course, I'm not an advocate of planning your style around a guy's preferences. My boyfriend would have me fresh-faced sans mascara every day if he had his way, but I'm a Sephora-aholic! But what Patti's getting at is striking the balance between what makes you you and what makes him hot. Seems like a win-win to me.

What do you think about Patti's date night style rules? Do you dress with a guy's taste in mind?

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