X-Rated Films on Long Flights: What's the Big Deal?

woman shushingThe same country that brought us the Australian Sex Party is now pressing buttons on Qantas' international flights. And the buttons happen to be of the orgasmic kind. They're showing the French documentary The Female Orgasm Explained free of charge on the airline's "Edge" channel. 

In the documentary, eight women, mostly in their 20s, but at least one in her 40s and one in her 60s, talk frankly about their orgasms. Old school porn clips are also used. Naysayers believe Qantas has gone too far -- or more accurately, what about the children? Their eyes, their virgin eyes! -- but we show violence all the time on TV, and we never think twice about that. We just don't let kids watch that channel. I don't get what's the big deal about showing pleasure and explaining orgasm. It can only help the opposite sex better understand our needs and for us to better understand our own bodies too. I say, go deeper, deeper! 


It's the nudity and the When Harry Met Sally moments that are causing the stir, but the disgust we reserve for female sexuality on film should actually be used to look at the violence and horror we've come to expect and accept. Those shoot-'em-up-comic-book-adventure-hero flicks and those teen-angst-lets-go-on-a-rampage type films are way worse than a little, or a lot of, female pleasure. Those are the types of films we should be worried about children being exposed to -- both in the air and on the ground. 

Qantas has made it possible for parents who are worried their children might actually learn, or stare in amazement, when the discussion focuses on female pleasure to individually block the content from their tiny peeping Tom, Dick, or Jane. However, if you've ever watched This Film Is Not Yet Rated (one of my favorite docs on Hollywood ever), you may be as appalled as I was about what gets a G to R rating (lots of blood and gore and male orgasm) and what generally gets NC-17 or even X (female pleasure) in our beloved United States. If we stopped making a big deal about showing explicit, and even educational, sexual programs, maybe sex wouldn't be as big a deal. The Aussies are on to something here, and it's helping to normalize female sexuality, at least while we fly the friendly skies. 

Has Qantas gone too far by showing the documentary The Female Orgasm Explained?

Image via KatieTegtmeyer/Flickr

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