Jennifer Aniston Is Ignoring a Big Relationship Red Flag

Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux
Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux
Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger has her eye on one Hollywood romance in particular these days -- that of Jennifer Aniston and her new hot 'n' heavy boyfriend Justin Theroux. Stanger's expert opinion? "Something’s not right there."

While I would normally toss off such a comment, I have to say I've been feeling the same way. Obviously, I don't know Jennifer Aniston or Justin Theroux, but I have seen many relationships start the ways theirs did, and it sure doesn't always bode well.

There is a huge red flag in Aniston and Theroux's relationship, and it looks like they both might be ignoring it.


Let's just say, if Jen and Justin had met while they were both single and unattached, I'd feel a little better about their future together. But that's not how it happened. Theroux was living with his girlfriend of 14 years (!!!), Heidi Bevins, and it looks like Bevins moved out right around the same time he started dating Aniston.

Stanger's problem with Theroux (and mine) is this:

I kind of like him, but here’s my problem -- he was with the last girl for 15 or 16 years [sic] and one day in walks the girl of his dreams and he says bye, see ya, wouldn’t want to be ya! There’s a karmic payback for that.

He’s handsome and he likes her and she likes him, they’ve got good body language, so it’s a matter of what really went down that he jumped ship from this girl he lived with for 16 [sic] years.

Now, I understand that things happen and some love relationships go on too long. So long, in fact, there isn't even any love left when they end. Many relationships are dead in the water and people just stay in them for security or because habits are hard to break or a number of other reasons, none of which are particularly healthy. Sometimes it's not until a new special someone comes along that one party in the relationship snaps out of his or her numb existence. However, while this feels like a good thing initially, this doesn't always bode well for the new relationship down the line.

When you don't deal with the issues that led to or kept you in your last failed relationship, especially a loveless one, before leaping into another one, you bring those issues along for the ride. Maybe Theroux no longer loved Bevins and didn't know how to tell her. Maybe he didn't know how unhappy he was until he found happiness with Aniston. In either case, he's not dealing with a very big emotional issue, not to mention he's practically waving the big red flag that says, "I can't deal with my big emotional issue," which will someday, somehow become Aniston's issue -- mark my words.

Possibly even worse is the fact that Aniston and Theroux's relationship is on the fast track. He's already moved in. They're looking for a nicer place together. Her biological clock is probably ticking like mad in the backdrop of newfound love. There are a lot of distractions from the big emotional things with which they are not dealing.

I hope it works out for these two. It'd be great to see Aniston find happiness in a love relationship since she seems to want that in her life. I hope nothing more than that I am completely off-base here.

Do you think rebound relationships can work out in the long run?


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