Worst Sex Life Suggestion Ever: Women Should Act Like Dogs

Sexual satisfaction isn't like some mythical beast hanging out in the underbrush just waiting to strike. We aren't passive observers hoping something strikes a nerve, and we are able to have an orgasm and reach our own happy place. So why do we act like it?

This week, blogger Toni Nagy made the argument on The Huffington Post that the smartest thing a woman can do for other women is dry hump. As she puts it, it's a feminist statement that we're worth enough to hold out for. I happen to agree. But why dry hump when you can jack off?

Put simply: Women of today need to be getting themselves off more.


Dry humping is great, but it doesn't solve the main problem with female empowerment and sexuality, which is lack of enjoyment. Too few women are really able to appreciate and enjoy sex. And that's sad.

So why not work on self-exploration rather than merely dry humping? Isn't finding your own path to pleasure the true hope of feminism? As Nagi says:

Yet if you audition people with the dry hump, your restraint will not only benefit you, but your fellow female sisters as well. By being a little prude, you are helping the male species remember that being inside a woman's body is actually a really big deal. In the world of nature, the males dance like Michael Jackson, or kill some another dude just to get into some bird's wings.

Sure, it's nice to move against another person's body and get all hot and bothered. But if the plan was to make them value being inside us, then how does dry humping accomplish that? Instead we should be satisfying ourselves and moving beyond the need of another. If he comes along, great. If not, that's great, too.

If you show them you don't need them at all to get off, then you have really won.

Do you think dry humping or masturbation is better?


Image via Victor Bezrukov/Flickr

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