Man Plans & Delivers Best Surprise Wedding for His Lucky Girlfriend (VIDEO)

surprise wedding

Tara Reid isn't the only woman who can get proposed to and married on the same day. Colleen, 32, of Ontario, Canada got the surprise of her life when her thoughtful boyfriend Shawn popped the question after seven years of dating, then had a wedding ceremony and reception waiting for them around the corner. He proposed; she said yes and was walking down the aisle in a matter of minutes.

The couple had discussed eloping to Vegas, so Shawn used all their wedding talk to surreptitiously get details from Colleen about her dream wedding. She said she wanted mason jars with candles, Martha Stewart lanterns, and a beach BBQ. Shawn listened, and delivered. Her surprise wedding was the one she had actually planned. Genius!


Colleen went to the hairdresser that morning thinking she was getting her hair did for a retirement party, but when she drove into some beach bar looking place to see Shawn waiting with a ring and a red carpet, she knew something was up. After she said yes, Colleen was taken to a private room in the restaurant where Shawn and a buddy had set up her entire bedroom set (dressers, armoir, coffee tables, everything), lest she be without something for her big day. This guy thinks of everything.

A surprise engagement is one thing, but a perfectly executed surprise wedding is totally another. Shawn had gathered 200 of their friends and family and had planned every last detail -- what more could a woman want?

I've never dreamt about a big wedding or any of that because a) I hate planning and b) I hate formalities so if anyone OUT THERE IS READING THIS I WOULD LOVE A SURPRISE WEDDING. (Ha, I wish.) It sounds perfect. You don't have to bother with dress shopping, or seating charts, or flower arrangements, or space rentals -- all you gotta do is show up and say 'I do.' Perfect.

The eight-minute video is worth watching, it's a total tear-jerker. They're so sweet, so in love, and so ... cool.

Would you want a surprise wedding?

WATCH the awesomeness for yourself:

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