Women Who Are Loud in Bed Are Not Liars!

If you've ever watched a porn movie and wondered why you never sound like that during sex, then you're in luck. A new study shows that many women don't vocalize during sex to express their own pleasure, but do so in order to enhance the man's.

In other words, loud ladies are liars. Say what? Yes, we've all been sold a bill of lies from movies and porn that insist women are so loud during orgasm. Most aren't, in fact. And those who are loud are being loud before orgasm or after. In other words, that whole scene in When Harry Met Sally? Obviously fake!

On the other hand, the study seems to assume that the only time a woman feels pleasure during sex is when she orgasms, which does beg a question: Have the researchers ever had sex?


As a person who runs marathons, which often means I traverse dozens of miles in a day, I am pretty confident that there comes a certain point where physical exertion causes vocalization. I've been embarrassed many times on my early morning runs when I grunt or moan involuntarily in front of people.

So wouldn't sex follow suit? We may be more relaxed during our own orgasm, but when he is banging away or we're working up to it, we might make more noises. Doesn't that stand to reason?

The researchers concluded that women who make noise during sex are liars and are doing so because of how they were trained via Hollywood and popular lore. But that just seems silly.

Some people grunt and groan during physical exertion. Some don't. That doesn't mean either is faking anything, right? Let's also recall that the findings were based on an analysis of 71 women with an average age of 22.

There are a lot of women out there that didn't get polled! So hey, if you're a noisy lady or even if you aren't, just be yourself. Whatever is real and comes naturally is always the right thing.

Are you loud in bed?


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