Camille Grammer Sexual Complaints Say More About Her

Camille Grammer has never been known for mincing words, but her latest insult hurled against her ex, accusing him of having a less-than-impressive "member," is a pretty low blow. The problem is, she insulted herself in the process, too.

Consider this: Any time a woman says a man has too small a penis, she also says she has too large a vagina. After all, maybe he would not be so "disappointing" to another woman. His new wife seems to say he is all the man she needs.

Besides, insulting the father of your children in such a public forum says a lot more about you than it does about him. She has since apologized, but too little, too late, I say.


Once you have children together, it is time to (gasp!) act like a grown-up. The time for public feuding, below the belt (literally) insults and insane demands has long since passed. When you badmouth the ex, you end up looking like the jerk.

After all, children need their father. They certainly do not need to know that their father was inadequate in the genital region. Besides, who cares? Even if he did have a small penis, which is highly unlikely -- Camille said he had big hands, big feet, "big disappointment" -- what difference does it make?

He has money, success, fame, any woman he wants. Clearly the size of his member has not held him back in life.

It is the oldest insult in the book, the best, simplest way to cut a man down and make him feel like crap, but the truth is, barring some medical condition, most men can satisfy most women. And if they can't? That is not a problem with just him.

There is nothing empowering or impressive about insulting a man's junk. If he had complained about her ugly, enormous, fake breasts, we would all be up in arms. At least what Kelsey has is real.

Do you think insulting a man's penis is appropriate?


Image via Bravo

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