Women With This Physical Trait Have 'Better' Sex

rihanna cupid's bow lipsThose women who are always shouting about how easy it is for them to have that oh-so-coveted, Hollywood-perfect orgasm during intercourse don't only exist in porn. Perhaps it's just that they happened to be born with a physical trait that is somehow linked to their ability to climax that way. University of the West of Scotland researchers found that women with a prominent, sharply raised "tubercle" on their top lip -- referred to as a Cupid's bow -- are 12 times more likely to reach orgasm through sex alone!! That means celebs like Rihanna who both boast the Cupid's bow must be queens of the G-spot O, whereas "flat-lipped" beauties like Julia Roberts, uh, aren't?

Who would have thought! Although, somehow teens not eating breakfast was linked to them having sex earlier, so there have been equally odd links between totally unrelated behaviors or traits and one's experience in bed!

Still, the Cupid's bow correlation has some flaws.



For one, it was all self-reported. Women described their lip shape and orgasms to researchers, making for questionable accuracy of lip shape and orgasm data!

Those technical issues aside, the finding's MAJOR flaw seems to be simply in its hinting that there's something superior about orgasming from intercourse alone. That's the kind of screwed-up logic we've been told for YEARS that messed many women up about sex. Like how Freud asserted that having a vaginal orgasm was "feminine and mature," while getting off via clitoral stimulation was "masculine, immature and inferior." Ugh. Like we need to stress about what kind of orgasm we're having! An orgasm is an orgasm is an orgasm, and if you're having one, it rocks! Most women know this now, thankfully, after many years of shrugging off jerk psycho-logy, like Freud's.

At least the study found that lip shape had no influence on a woman's ability to orgasm via other methods, like well, everything but orgasming from "sex alone," and that's a world of ways! Further proof that exactly how you climax -- be it from oral sex, manual stimulation, or a vibrator -- has nothing to do with being completely, blissfully fulfilled.

What do you think of this study? Do you have a Cupid's bow?


Image via Franck Prevel/Getty Images

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