Blake Lively Snagged Leonardo DiCaprio With the Best Dating Trick Ever

blake livelyDespite rumors to the contrary, it seems like Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio aren't exactly dunzo. In fact, details are emerging now regarding exactly how she snagged and manages to sustain the hot actor's affections. Because, you know, just being gorgeous and talented isn't really enough to win him over -- even before Titanic set sail, he had ladies with those credentials lined up for miles! Thus, why Blake employed help from the book The Rules, the famous 1995 tome that has been regarded by women as either totally old-fashioned, sexist, or a Bible (for instance, Sex & the City's Charlotte York was said to follow it to a tee).

A friend of Blake's shared with Now Magazine that the actress used the book, because "she knows Leo could have any girl he wanted and she figured she had to stand out ... She's making him work for it, and he's fallen hard for her."

Now, as much as I HATE any form of manipulation in a relationship, I'm with Blake on her key strategy.


First, consider a few of The Rules Blake reportedly followed: Making Leo officially break up with ex Bar Refaeli before she would even consider going on a date with him; not calling him; making him jealous; and "acting busy."

I know, it sounds laughable on paper, but there's something incredibly valuable that underlies all of The Rules, and it's the real trick: Having a sense of self-worth. If you have healthy self-esteem, you simply wouldn't go out with some schmuck who was still stringing along a girlfriend he couldn't commit to. You're probably busy, and you won't let a guy walk all over your social calendar. It boils down to believing you're worth being chased.

Up until I was in my early 20s, I didn't internalize that I was a catch, and so I'd often be perpetually available to any guy I was interested in. At the same time, I had girlfriends who followed The Rules without meaning to. It was as if they innately knew that in the game of playing hard to get, they'd always win. Usually, they were the women who it seemed were always being chased anyway. I didn't get how it worked, and I figured they were just "lucky" or something. But I realized that wasn't it when I let a guy who REALLY wasn't into me string me along, and a friend called me out on it. She imparted to me that you actually become "lucky" when you simply look out for number one.

See, whether or not Blake realizes it, using The Rules doesn't exactly ensure a guy will be into you. Instead, they help you learn how to be into yourself ... so he can't help but be, too.

What do you think about The Rules?


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